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Costume for the Sedentary, 2014

The collar of the shirt is measured in inches, anywhere between 14’’ to 39’’.


The collar should comfortably accommodate two fingers and one recliner to rest inside. Any less and it is too tight, any more and it may be for an armoire.


The seam of the shoulder should rest at the end of the shoulder bone, not too high but also without hanging off.


Remember to keep the seams properly aligned, matching any piping, less one look too informal.


The underarm should not be baggy.


The sleeve should extend over the manchette, with the cuff ending at the wrist, before the thumb bone.


The torso should allow one to two inches of fabric to be pinched in the side seam, any more will result in an unflattering sagging around the backpost.


The buttons should lie flat without being pulled.

Don't move.

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